tl;dr pharmacy HIV cheat sheet
tl;dr pharmacy HIV cheat sheet

tl;dr pharmacy HIV cheat sheet

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A useful and well-organized cheat sheet. Our HIV cheat sheet gives you the deets and clinical pearls you need to get through your ID module, your APPE rotation, or the NAPLEX. It's pretty dang useful for your practice career too.

If you're in pharmacy school, this cheat sheet contains just about every testable tidbit of information for every single HIV drug. It's organized by these test-worthy categories, to help you memorize them.

For example, do you know the 3 HIV drugs with a sulfa moiety? Do you know which need to be taken with food (or without)?

If you're in the APPE phase of studentry, it's got CrCl cutoffs for every HIV drug that needs a renal adjustment. Not only do you know where to monitor renal function, you'll know when you need to start decreasing the dose.

It's also got a special table of "random" facts that didn't warrant their own table. You could basically call it "HIV drug trivia likely to show up on the NAPLEX."

If you're already a practicing pharmacist (or nurse, MD, or other healthcare professional), don't worry, we've got you covered too...

You've got the renal adjustments mentioned above. You've got which protease inhibitors MUST be boosted. You've got which HIV drugs are safe to use in pregnancy. You've got which HIV drugs need to be avoided with acid-suppressing drugs. You've got HIV drugs that interact with statins. You could call this sheet "How to not screw up the HAART meds for every HIV patient that comes into your hospital or your pharmacy."

And you know what's crazy?

I still haven't listed everything that's contained on this miraculous 1 page of HIV knowledge. 

Includes two sheets:

-A full color version for computer viewing

-A high contrast grayscale version for black and white printing