MPJE Cheat Sheet: The tl;dr Guide to Passing the MPJE
MPJE Cheat Sheet: The tl;dr Guide to Passing the MPJE

MPJE Cheat Sheet: The tl;dr Guide to Passing the MPJE

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Passing the MPJE is hard. Pharmacy Law is a short course during pharmacy school, a boring book from the state, and miles of pages of law that is somehow both convoluted and mind-numbing.

Like the NAPLEX, this exam is random, pulls from a seemingly endless pool of questions, and can be befuddling. Questions on dispensing cabinets, staffing ratios, appropriate access levels, controlled medications, and even things like the proper minimum square footage for a community pharmacy may crop up at any time.

Enter the tl;dr MPJE Worksheet. This 9-page tool is meant to help you assess where you stand in terms of readiness for the exam. While it is not meant to replace any studying, it can help you quickly identify the kind of information often covered in the MPJE.

Combined with a cozy, hot-chocolate-by-the-fire, loyal pup at the feet reading of the Controlled Substances Act, a breeze through the state statures and review of all the scribbled notes from class that you took while scrolling through memes online, you will be ready to conquer the MPJE and get one step closer to getting that coveted license.



Version 2 is here!


You asked, we listened. We added a ton of new prompts based on feedback, updated the flow and format of the questions, and added even more areas of focus!

Filling the sheet is easier than ever. Now with a .dotx file format, when you open the file a fresh document is created and you can type your information in. No more word gymnastics to cram a paragraph of info into a 1-inch margin. Just don't forget to save often...

If you prefer old school pen and paper, we've got a PDF for you too! Spaced out to make things a bit easier to fill in, and budget-friendly with fewer colors and more blank space!