A Clinician’s Pocket Guide to Pharmacotherapy: Antibiotics

A Clinician’s Pocket Guide to Pharmacotherapy: Antibiotics

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Since the beginning of tl;dr, infectious disease (particularly antibiotics) has been our most requested topic. Written by our very own Josef Hadib Nissan, PharmD, BCPS (the same wunderkind who gave you our Acute Medical Emergencies Pocket Guide), this pocket guide is basically the sum total of humanity's antibiotic knowledge distilled into 60 pages.

That's maybe a slight exaggeration, of course...but we're really damn proud of this. And it fits beautifully in your white coat pocket. 

It's broken up into 3 main chapters:

  • Chapter 1: The tl;dr of Infectious Diseases
  • Chapter 2: Antimicrobial Management of Bacterial Infections 
  • Chapter 3: Antibiotic Dosing 

And then, in full tl;dr style, we get deep into the weeds to provide a comprehensive guide that doesn't exist anywhere else. Basically, we made the thing that we have always wished existed. Here's some of what's included (prepare yourself for an abnormally long bullet list):

  • Normal flora of the human body (divided by organ system) 
  • Signs/symptoms of infection and important diagnostic tools
  • Antibiotic mechanisms of action, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics
  • Antibiotic toxicities (including teratogenicity) and drug interactions
  • Oral bioavailability, systemic distribution, and IV/PO conversions
  • Beta-Lactam allergy cross-reactivity
  • Risk of C. diff infections per antibiotic
  • Renal/hepatic dose adjustments
  • Dosing for Special Populations (obesity, HD, CRRT, Peritoneal dialysis)
  • A boatload of practice-relevant clinical pearls 

The Antibiotic Pocket Guide is the perfect tool to help learn antibiotics in an efficient way. And it will be a handy reference you'll always have on the ready.

Errata (Page 13): Ceftaroline Gram(-) should be '+++' not 'n/a'.