Mastering the Match: How to Secure a Pharmacy Residency
Mastering the Match: How to Secure a Pharmacy Residency

Mastering the Match: How to Secure a Pharmacy Residency

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If you're even thinking about a residency, I can't recommend this guide highly enough. It covers everything you need to know to make yourself a better candidate during your P1 - P3 years. And it walks you through how to make RPD jaws drop at your interview. Confused about cover letters? CVs? Who to ask for a letter of recommendation (and how to ask)? The Match? Midyear and The Showcase? Interviews (including patient cases and presentations)? Mastering the Match has it all. As an added bonus for purchasing Mastering the Match, you'll also get Interview Mastery and our popular Residency Interview Candidate Evaluation Checklist.


Updated 2019, Version 2.0:

You asked, we listened. This is one of our favorite things we've made, and we decided to make it even better. We've revamped, refreshed, and just all-around improved the living (insert some metaphor for stuff) out this thing.

Content: It's just better, trust us. We somehow cut down thousands of words while adding more content. We're just that efficient.

Navigation: Did you say links? Open this baby in most PDF readers and you'll see that the table of contents is now clickable! We've included links above pages to take you back to the first page (though you can hit 'Home' on your keyboard, but shhhh) and to the main page on the section. And on each section, those little phrases? Also links. Links!

Readability: We switched platforms in making this guide, and it made the text a little easier to format and follow some basic formatting rules. You might not notice a difference, but we do.

Overall: What can we say? We took greatness, and we made it greaterness. Nay, the greatestness. And if you haven't already picked this guide to ultimate happiness and success up yet, what are you waiting for?