Pharmacy School: The Missing Manual 1st edition
Pharmacy School: The Missing Manual 1st edition
Pharmacy School: The Missing Manual 1st edition

Pharmacy School: The Missing Manual 1st edition

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Pharmacy School is a struggle.

It's hard enough figuring out what to study for the 4 tests you have this week...

How are you supposed to map out APPE rotations, residency programs, your CV, that group presentation on Type II Diabetes next week, your senior portfolio, community service....

....oh. And getting a job. Don't forget about getting a job after school.

Pharmacy school doesn't come with instructions. It's not like there's a road map to forge your path...

Until now. 


Pharmacy School: The Missing Manual is the only book of its kind.

It tears down every gray area in pharmacy school. All the "hidden" lessons. The things where you say "Man! I wish I knew that before I started."

And it teaches you how to master them one by one.

PS:TMM comprehensively covers the stuff that no one else talks about. And it does so with humor (and step-by-step instructions).

Do you like reading white papers? Executive summaries? Text books?

We don't either. And PS:TMM reads nothing like any of them. You'll find it digestible. It's 100 pages, but it's a very "readable" 100 pages. There's (bad) jokes. Occasional profanity. Kenny Loggins lyrics (seriously).


Here's what's inside PS:TMM:

  • How to crush every IPPE and APPE rotation -- even if you have no interest in that area of pharmacy and you don't like your preceptor
  • The secret anatomy of multiple choice test questions -- and using it to improve your grades
  • Common tactics used to trick pharmacy students during exams -- and how to beat them
  • Proven productivity techniques that snap you out of your lazy funk
  • Step-by-step instructions on crafting the ultimate CV -- even if you don't have "anything good" to put in it
  • A comprehensive guide to not making an ass out of yourself when dealing with pretty much everyone -- and how to make your network the envy of all of your peers
  • How to give a presentation so awesome your professors will weep
  • Simple methods to impress preceptors and practically guarantee a residency
  • The definitive guide to job interviews -- never get rejected again
  • How to design your P4 year to set you up for life after school
  • Exactly what extracurriculars (and how much of them) you need to get into residency
  • A (not so) subtle reminder of the big picture....balancing work and life without going crazy
  • A study system that saves you hours -- while improving your GPA


....and so much more. 


Check out what these people are saying about PS:TMM:

"The rotations chapter alone made PS:TMM well worth the purchase." 
-Aimee A. (P2 Student)


"PS:TMM is both entertaining and useful. The study tips and test-taking strategies improved my class performance this semester." 
- Matt D. (P3 Student)


"This is a great manual for all pharmacy students! It's exactly like talking to your friend. Someone's who's 'been there, done that' giving you the straight up tips, tricks, and truth...can't beat that!" 
- Heather H. (Recent Grad)