tl;dr pharmacy Diabetes Cheat Sheet
tl;dr pharmacy Diabetes Cheat Sheet

tl;dr pharmacy Diabetes Cheat Sheet

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Diabetes is a beast to study. The guidelines come from 2 different sources (ADA and AACE), and they don't always agree with each other. On top of that, the number of available insulins on the market seem to be growing exponentially. Not to mention there are more combination oral products for diabetes than almost any other clinical area.

So, what is a diligent student or practitioner to do?

tl;dr pharmacy is here, and we're back with another tool to keep in your pharmacy utility belt.

Our diabetes cheat sheet is 7 sweet, sweet pages that distill candy mountain levels of essential diabetes information. It makes studying for the NAPLEX (or going on rounds) a breeze.

We've designed this thing so it's just as useful for a student as it is for a practitioner. Here's some of what's included:

  • A comprehensive chart of every available insulin - Including PK, dosing, how to store it, available dosage forms, and more
  • A chart of all oral combo drugs - So you can learn that brand/generic
  • Renal and hepatic dose adjustments for all drugs - Obviously
  • Clinical/monitoring pearls for all drugs - Also obviously
  • A quick algorithm for diagnosing diabetes
  • A1c goals (for both ADA and AACE) and basic treatment considerations
  • How to spot the difference between DKA and HHS - It could save a life (or a test grade)
  • How to treat hypoglycemia
  • Common drug interactions - You think we'd make a cheat sheet without including this?
  • A metric-crap-ton of other stuff - *Not an actual unit of measurement

Use this cheat sheet for an endocrine module, an ambulatory care rotation, or just to shake the cobwebs off the part of your brain where diabetes info lives.

Have an exam coming up? Not sure if you need to renally adjust canagliflozin for the new admit on your floor?

This cheat sheet is for you.